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Oleander Productions


A Derivate of the Nerd Network

Welcome to Oleander Productions.

Brief History
-Set up on January 17, 2005
-A derivate of the Nerd Network
-Dedicated solely to quality (in my mind) live-action films
(will add more as i remember)


8/12/05- Once again, I fell behind in the movies. This summer, only one movie was be done.
Leviathan- A conspiracy thriller that took 2 weeks to film. Est runtime= 20-23 mins

6/22/05- Another long needed update. The movies that were done in this time:

Code of "Con"duct- (Link to site in on Movies page)The longest Oleander Movie ever. It is also our best. Beautifully restorted from the original source tapes.

Freak Blast- (On Animations) The first flash movie that I made.

Lightsaber Demo- Preview to an upcoming series...

3/18/05- Site is getting its long needed update

Started Oleander Chain of Companies. The link is on the "Affiliates" page

Was NOT able to finish either "Double Minded" or "Mutants Promo" on February break. They are both postponed indefinetlly.

A school project has become Oleander's first movie of '05. William Shakespheare's Julius Caesar Act IV. We made the dialouge a little bit easier to understand by translating the Act. I also decided that i am going to do the remainder of Julius Caesar when time permits.

1/27/05- Stuck home sick... I set up the date that Double Minded will be filmed.

After listening to "Enjoy the Silence (remix)" I concieved the idea of a Mutants Promo that would be done that same week. So far i have gotten no resistance in this project, so it is a go. Hopefully, by the end of Febuary, you will be watching the new "Mutants Promotional" Only available on this website.

1/22/05- I showed the first scene of "Double-Minded" to the entire group, going against my word that i would remain secret. At the rate i am typing up the script, filming could be done on our Winter Break (end of February.)

1/18/05- Not much happened today. I got a mixed reaction when our group first saw my website. Richie and I thought up some more ideas for the beginning of Mutants involving filming some scenes at our local mall. I thought our mall's lower lever would be excellent for filming due to the fact that it is nearly abandoned...

I have begun the script of Double-Minded. No one will know the plot other than me until 2 weeks before the designated film week.

1/17/05 - Oleander Productions is up and running. I am going to put FotB and Mutants on this site. Nothing to really add right now.

I HAVE NOT CLOSED DOWN THE NERD NETWORK. I am just organizing my works. (Nerd Network- my flash stuff, Oleander- my movie stuff)

"We make movies that make us proud"